Who’s the Boss?

Accurate Power and Technology, Inc. is a small family oriented business. Sonny Dukes is our President / CPO and Shannon Dukes is our Vice President. Accurate Power is projected to stay in the family and hold on to the wholesome values it started with.

Here at Accurate Power our managment team believes success is more than just how much money we bring in. Success is about putting your employees first, while creating a good workplace. Other factors of our success is being properly staffed, having happy customers and establishing a work and home balance.




Welcome to Accurate Power’s Blog!

Accurate Power and Technology, Inc. is a small business located in Eustis, FL., we currently have 25 employees and each of us are determind to give each and everyone of our clients secruity and comfort. We want to share our past and present experiences and knowledge with you, by posting on this blog and linking our Youtube channel, that is soon to come.

Be on the look out for tips and much more involving the Accurate Power Family.